Bullet types

We can custom-load ammunition using any type of bullet you prefer. However, we normally load using the following proven bullets:

Swift A-Frame
A  bonded bullet with an A-frame construction, that rolls back into a perfect mushroom.

Swift Scirocco

Boat tailed polymer tip bonded bullet. Accuracy and dependable on game performance.

Trophy Bonded Bearclaw
A solid copper base with a bonded lead core for a dependable mushroom.

Nosler Partition

The dependable partition bullet.

Nosler Ballistic Tip

A highly accurate bullet for medium sized game and varmints.

Nosler Accubond

Flies true, penetrates deep and retains its weight.

Hornady Interbond
Core is permantly locked to the jacket for more weight retention at impact.

Hawk Deadsoft
Gives up to 3 times diameter expansion.

Barnes TSX
Greater velocity, lower pressure and less fouling, plus accuracy.

Barnes Banded Solids

Monolithic solids with a flat nose for maximum impact and straight line penetration.

Barnes MRX
Maximum range “X” bullet.

North Fork
A bonded core solid shank bullet that has increased accuracy, less fouling and lower pressures.

Woodleigh “Soft”
Pure lead cores welded to a gilding metal jacket, designed with an original profile to regulate in double rifles.

Woodleigh “Solids”
A heavy constructed steel jacketed solid.

Barnes Tipped TSX
An added polymer tip that boost BC and provides faster expansion.

Not all bullet styles are available for every caliber. Other bullets available by special order. Call us for a current catalog.

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