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We can tame a
tempermental double.

A customer came to us with a 500/416 that shot an eight-inch group at 50 yards! After a little work developing a custom load, we had it down to two inches.

Practice big bores without shooting holes in your wallet.
We offer reduced velocity Big Bore Practice Rounds that regulate the same as full-power loads, but cost about 20% less. They're easier on your shoulder and your wallet, too. Available in Nitro Express and most classic big bore calibers…for bolt actions, too.

Big bore and double rifles are a specialty of ours, and if yours isn't shooting as well as it should, contact us.



  red deer   "The bullet traveled the entire length of the body before stopping in the hind quarter near the backbone...I was very satisfied with both the accuracy and the performance of the loads. Thanks for the service and a "superior" job."
--Donald Weaver
moose "Thank you for your exceptional handloads! The performance was outstanding in terms of accuracy from my rifle and game performance. In both instances, the animals were harvested where they stood. Once again, thank you for your superior product. --Craig Kauffman

"Please find enclosed a picture of my new top 20 SCI buffalo... taken with one shot from a .416 Rem. Magnum shooting 400 grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw Softs--loaded by you. The accuracy and dependability loaded into each of the rounds you made for me was a source of great confidence on this trip...thanks again for a 'Superior' product." --D. Ball