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To us, accuracy is priceless.

In clothing and in shooting both, there is no such thing as "one size fits all." Every rifle--even the finest custom gun money can buy--will shoot differently with different brands of stock ammunition. And usually, not very well.

The type and amount of powder, the bullet weight and manufacturer, even the primer used all affect the power and precision of your gun. Factory ammo is at best a compromise.

There is only one way to obtain the maximum performance and accuracy your rifle is capable of. And that is with custom hand-loaded ammunition specifically tailored for your firearm from Superior Ammunition.


Since 1984, Superior Ammunition has helped hunters and shooters around the world achieve tighter, more consistent groups and superior performance in the field. We individually weigh every powder charge, and each round is loaded on bench rest equipment. This is not high-speed production-run ammunition!

You can be assured that no one has more experience with the science of loading precision ammunition than we do. We are your source for:

• Obsolete, rare, and wildcat cartridges
• Over 230 calibers from .22 Hornet to .600 Nitro
• Improving the performance of any double rifle
• The finest bullets from dozens of manufacturers
• Our Sample Paks that will save you time, money and aggravation
• Superior accuracy from any rifle made

Email: info@superiorammo.com


"Your ammo is no doubt the best I've ever shot. Your .375 Barnes-X 300 grain did great on this 31 1/2" bongo from Cameroon." --John Teeter