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A single trip to the range will then give you graphic proof of which bullet results in the best accuracy from your rifle. Once you've made your choice, additional rounds can be ordered from us in any amount.

Our Sample Paks allow you to test any number of bullet configurations without having to purchase box after box of expensive bullets or pre-loaded ammunition just to try a few rounds. You don't have to spend tedious hours handloading or settle for "generic" factory ammo, either.

Sample Paks are priced at our normal cost per round plus a $10.00 setup fee. You can specify as many different bullets as you like, or we are happy to make recommendations based upon the firearm and practical applications. Contact us for complete information.


"I just wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with your ammunition...I used your 235 grain Woodleigh hand-loaded bullets, and took leopard and eight other plains game. They all went down with one bullet. I highly recommend your hand loads, and will use them from now on." —Adam Clements



The quickest, most economical
way to maximize performance of your rifle.

No rifle will shoot all brands of bullets with equal accuracy. The only way to achieve maximum performance with any rifle is to test several brands of bullets.

Our Sample Paks allow easy, fast and economical testing of a variety of premium bullets. We'll provide you with several rounds using different manufacturer's bullets; enough of each for you to shoot a representative group. Powder charges and seating depths are precisely measured, so the only major difference is in the bullet itself.